Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hello, once again! I hope you all survived the New Year and didn't make too many resolutions that you won't be able -- or have any intention at all -- to keep. For instance, if I would have made a resolution to post something here on a daily basis, much like my sister site, MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD, I would have lost out a few days ago . . . and we're barely into the first week of the new year!

Just to get the facts straight, I don't have any intention on posting things here on a daily basis. Instead, I will be posting on an occasional basis, somewhat frequently. How's that for a dodge! That's why I'm going to suggest you subscribe to this blogsite, so that you'll be notified whenever something new is posted. Otherwise, keep checking back. I've got plenty of stuff to use here and there'll be no shortage of material.

In the meantime, Happy New Year -- and keep laughing!

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